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Season in Noir

Simple can also be dramatic.

Black and white photograph of a bistro table and vintage wooden chairs on a cobblestone street
Plaka neighborhood in Athens, Greece

My hunger for adventure, knowledge, and innovation prove useful traits in the kitchen. What isn't, is that I crave perfection, in each and every thing that I do. I also have an affinity for aesthetics, but not to the detriment of flavor. Herein lies the pepper dilemma.     

Throughout my culinary travels, I've observed that white pepper is apparent in haute cuisine, and highly versatile steeped in some teas.  To wit, white pepper is the mysterious pearl within a black peppercorn's husk. Some argue its use is purely aesthetic; others, it's is the lifeblood of a dish.  I find the flavor to be milder and earthy, blending seamlessly with legumes and sea proteins.  

Black peppercorn reigns supreme as the spicier and headier of the two, presumably due to its sundried exterior, and is essential for ultra-savory gourds, roots and stews.

Tip: To avoid overcomplicating [and over-seasoning] a dish, opt for white or black pepper, but not both. Simple can also be dramatic.  

Note: The first draft of this post was published in 2016. I've updated and refreshed its content to include relevant changes.

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