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Chicken & Rice, with sweet & soy dashi

A light, umami-rich lunch of leftovers, in under 20 minutes.

Serve this delightful creation of leftovers with a small cup of 12-hour bone broth for sipping and a sweet & soy dashi for dipping.

To assemble, I used a breast leftover from last night’s pasture-raised whole chicken (which I had slow-roasted at 300° for 3 hours) warmed on a bed of ginger rice.

The 12-hour bone broth is homemade; I simmered the scraps and bones of the previous night's whole chicken with onion, garlic, fennel fronds, carrots, celery, peppercorns and bay leaves.

The dashi for dipping is made and drained in a standard saucepan, with soy, dried bonito flakes, water infused with kombu, mirin, spring garlic, grated ginger and a little brown sugar.

Garnish the dish simply, with toasted sesame and shaved spring garlic shoots.


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