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With over 100,000 restaurants expected to close for good, and others with limited capacity openings, people are (and will continue) cooking at home now and into the foreseeable future. With that comes resource scarcity, rising cost of staples, and concerns about access to groceries and supplies that not every community is privileged to have.

To help with this transition, I put together a free list of grocery and beverage (21+ only) delivery services in the U.S. that I know about. I've rated those I rely on or used before, too. And I'm sharing my referral links that could get you discounts or freebies on your order!*


I'll be adding and updating it regularly, so save the link to check back!


Get access to the COVID-19 delivery resources list (sneak peek below) by subscribing to my newsletter. Only food stuff. No spam, ever.






*Because it's a referral link or code, I'll get a referral reward in kind if you use it. Win-win!

You're subscribed! Click the following link to get the delivery resources list:

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