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#100BetterCooks is my 2020 Resolution-

a movement to help 100 people create the beautiful food they desire

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2020 is a new decade, inspiring new beginnings and beauty. It's about finding, creating, sharing and delighting in possibility.


I'm on a mission to coach 100 people to discover beauty in their own kitchen through upskilling, flavor discovery, wine pairing and menu coaching.

The biggest barriers to cooking at home I hear are [lack of] time, tools and technique.


DO YOU often search a dinner recipe for inspiration only to be left deflated when it estimates an hour and a half to cook...or you don't have all the ingredients or the sous vide gear they're using? "Ugh, neeext!" just about describes it, right?


DO YOU have a tiny or dysfunctional space, or limited kitchen tools to prep or bake anything complex or "fancy"?


DO YOU [want to] host dinner parties but need ideas for cohesive menus that can impress and that you can make with ease?


DO YOU want to make a great dessert that isn't covered in unpalatable fondant or take 8 hours to make, but looks polished and recalls and creates warm memories with every bite?


DO YOU desire a weekly meal prep better than the typical 'sad salad'--you know, those uninspiring lunches with bland flavor that you're still left feeling hungry after eating, and create tasty and beautiful gramworthy leftovers you'll actually want to eat two days in a row. Tupperware delights are completely achievable, and with no more effort than the 'sad salad.'

The biggest issue with most recipes, cooking classes or demos, although fun, is that they beg to be recreated in a staffed and stocked commercial kitchen. I've cooked with a "twig and a leaf" for many years, and successfully made most of the dishes seen above--from meringue to fattoush to triple-layer wedding cakes-- sometimes using no more than a simple stainless steel mixing bowl, hand whisk and wooden spoon. You can see more on my Instagram and Bekatari's Gallery




I've been cooking, creating, writing and testing recipes for 20 years, and have prepped and hosted in well-stocked kitchens, countrysides, internationally, and in countless city studio apartments; and for those on champagne or shoestring budgets, alike.

This week alone, I've cooked Indian, Greek, Spanish, Asian fusion and Californian.


I'm versed in curating beautiful experiences, menus and wine pairings from picnics to chef's tastings, and have had years of experience working in catering for holiday events, weddings, charity dinners and other events.




Food, and creating experiences through food, is my passion. And I hope to achieve my mission of helping 100 people [re]discover beauty & create an experience using their own kitchen and skills in the year to come! Connect with me here to schedule an initial chat.


Whether you just want to work through roadblocks on Wednesday night with the items currently in your fridge, learn your favorite dish, master one dish or many, or plan a full menu from aperitif to digestif to impress your guests, in-laws or a special someone, I can help!


You're the cook. I'm the coach, there to inspire, empower and guide, while you're at the helm. I'm offering flexible coaching virtually or in-person (specific locations only) for the below cooking goals:


  • Commuter Cooking: better meals for the workweek, with priority given to economizing time.

  • Aspirational Cooking: menu planning and pairing, recreating your grandma's recipe, ethnic cuisine, or plating

  • Skills Cooking: stovetop techniques, baking basics, knife skills, soup and sauces, etc.

  • Mindful Cooking: beautiful food and ritual to create meaning and hold space for you, self-care and restoration.

  • Lean Cooking: thriving in small or dysfunctional kitchens, with limited tools or using only the ingredients in your fridge!

  • Event Cooking: dinner parties, pairing, holidays, scaling for groups, hosting 101, etc.


Who can benefit from cooking coaching?


The short answer is anyone. I believe anyone can cook confidently in their own surroundings. But, there can be big impact for newbies in the kitchen, commuters on-the-go, and those who want to upskill or host in a small, city apartment!


If you're interested in amping up your kitchen chops (pun intended), tell me a little about your goals and schedule a free 15-minute call.


You can also visit my Gallery of original creations [and photographs] and Instagram to get a sense of my approach and cooking style.




- Alex



* * *

What bekatari cooking coaching isn't: Bekatari coaches on flavor, pairings, method, beverage pairing, and most importantly, working with your kitchen skills in your own kitchen environment to achieve your goals, whether that's cooking a quick, beautiful dinner for yourself, planning an epic cheese platter, creating a menu for your weekly commute, or that favorite dish your grandmother used to make. Bekatari's food and menu coaching is not approached through the lens of nutrition or dietary requirements, although the recipes discussed may include certain fresh vegetables and spices. Coaching shall not be considered or regarded as personalized medical, wellness or nutrition advice.

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