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Meet Alex

cook | techie | diversity leader | literati

Hey! I’m Alex, a former civil rights practitioner, entrepreneur and creator living and working in Atlanta. When I'm not inventing and testing my own recipes, I lead classes about food, and help people looking to get cooking!

My culinary skills are self-acquired from Netflix food shows (just kidding!). I learned from watching my family, interviewing chefs, traveling and reading a lot of antique and foreign books about food, wine and the science behind cooking.


I started really experimenting with food— namely for weddings and events— during law school. I even baked a few wedding cakes, my gateway to experimenting more broadly. I've hosted and curated events large and small from cocktail soirées to elevated backyard gatherings, holiday feasts and even wedding events.


The name for my culinary musings, bekatari, is a Basque word that to me represents artful cuisine and experiential eating. My recipes often root from the Basque and Indian culinary tradition– the food of my family.


I believe that a beautiful meal is always inspired, and should be shared. My food philosophy and culinary musings are very much influenced by people and culture. I'm inspired to reimagine food through the lens of my experiences, including the lands I’ve explored and those I’ve called home— Argentina, Australia, Chile, Croatia, England, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Spain, Turkey and the U.S. (30+ states and counting!)

Check out my food discoveries or join me in one of my virtual cooking classes!

Eat and be well. Salud!

© Photo Portrait Credit: Bryan Tyler

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"I loved cooking with Alex!

We've been cooking a lot from recipes. I appreciated how Alex talked about the process and what factors she considered when creating and balancing a dish. That's not something that always comes through from recipes."

— Cooking Demo Participant,

hosted by Speakeasy


"This was such a lovely event and a fun way to spend a Sunday morning! [...] has me very eagerly looking forward to trying these dishes and looking at my pantry in a new way."

— Capsule Cooking Participant, hosted by Speakeasy

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